We love making software that is as easy and reliable as breathing

The Iron

We have decades of industry experience ranging from Enterprise Health Care and Smart Thermostats to Agency Content Management and internally built Project Planning tools, so we know how to build scalable and reliable systems at any size and flexibility.

The Moose

As much as we love writing scalable injectable software and services, we've never forgotten why we program - to help our users solve a problem. From the point where we think of a new idea to when we ship it, we focus our efforts on what will best help our users.

Best Team Ever

Meet our small and devoted team

Cody Swendrowski

CEO | Developer | Wizard of the Bits

Brian Ball

COO | Developer | Ninjaneer

Bob Gehred

Developer | Old School Dev

Ellen Abolt

Strategist | Project Manager | Lead Cartographer

Grace Spee

Designer | Font Master

Jason Rendel

Developer | Executive Web Nerd

Peter Michor

Junior Developer | Avid Indoorsman

Dan Miller

Developer | Byte Weaver

Tony Pacocha Jr.

Marketer | Marketing Maverick

Joe Ribbich

Sales | GLAS Inventor

Short History

  1. Iron Moose Development Founded

    Cody Swendrowski founds Iron Moose under the general premise of "I just want to write cool programs without having a meeting every 2 hours"

  2. Expanded to 3 developers

    Bob Gehred and Brian Ball join on as developers. Ellen Abolt is named lead Strategist, Grace Spee is brought on as head Brand Designer

  3. Closed Beta for first product started

    MooseTracks was developed to help reduce the amount of time Developers spend on investigating API call issues

  4. Iron Moose hits 7 members

    Dan Miller joins on as developer, and Peter Michor becomes our first Junior Developer

  5. MooseTracks hits Open Beta

    MooseTracks: Come forge some trails with us

  6. Iron Moose sponsors our first conference

    We setup a table at https://www.creamcitycode.com and hand out MooseTracks ice cream to promote our first product

  7. Joe Ribbich, Inventor of the GLAS thermostat, joins our team

    Old GLAS team members keep rolling in, with Joe joining on as our first Sales guy